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Nora's Jazz Show Spring Brings......a new show for Nora's Jazz Show at  Cadence Jazz World  in conjunction with Cadence Jazz Magazine. Show No. 4 "Music Speaks - The Language of Improvisation" features music from the following artists and CDs:   The Poetry Of Jazz ; Patty Waters: Sings ; albany park ; Youthandageia, Never Say That Again To Me ; The Aqua Diva While you're there you can catch up on cover reissues, European, independent and individual releases, the incredible amount of reviews and interviews, video jazz stories, and also join the Cadence mailing list. Knowing how difficult it is to not only get reviews but recognition for  improvised music, I'm so thrilled and grateful to receive this great review on Improvijazzation Nation for Manna For Thought, the 2018 release by my improvising trio which consists of Dom Minasi-guitar, compositions; Ras Moshe-reeds, composition and yours truly-voice, compositions, lyrics/poetry. The music, can

Nora's Jazz Show on Cadence Jazz World

Please check out the November installment of  "Nora's Jazz Show" at Cadence Jazz World. This program features some really special and incredible musicians - check out the line-up: Please come back to the show and listen often - the music changes up once a month. Also, most importantly, please visit these artists' websites and learn more about them and also support their shows and purchase their CDs if possible. If you want to help get the word out about Cadence Jazz World,  Nora's Jazz Show and these amazing artists, please subscribe to this blog and definitely pass on the info.

Session No. 3 The Abyss

Such a great night of creative music was enjoyed last evening when Blaise Siwula's Octet "Sessions" performed for the Take It OUT!! Tuesday Avant Concert Series and defined what this avant-concert series is all about. I couldn't have been more thrilled to have been invited to participate with these outstanding and inventive musicians, all established master craftsmen on their instruments. The assemblage included: Blaise Siwula-reeds, Stan Nishimura-trombone, Anthony DiGregorio-guitar, Aron Namenwirth-guitar, Eric Plaks-piano, John Loggia-drums, Grady Gerbracht-drums and myself on voice. The beautifully-sonorous cacophony of sounds were spellbinding; each musician lending their special talent to the mix - I was especially enamored with the sounds coming from Grady Gerbracht's custom-built electroacoustic percussion rig which added several extra dimensions to the overall performance - not sure those dimensions have been defined by science yet, but it was a won

October 24 Take It OUT!! Tuesday Concert Series at Medicine Show Theatre

Take It OUT!! Tuesday Concert Series at the Medicine Show. This upcoming Tuesday, October 24, 2017, MIC~ART Productions is delighted to present the remarkable musician, Blaise Siwula and his group "SESSIONS" at the ongoing avant-music concert series that takes place monthly at the Medicine Show Theatre. "Sessions" is: Blaise Siwula reeds, Stan Nishimura trombone, Anthony DiGregorio guitar, Aron Namenwirth guitar, Eric Plaks piano, John Loggia drums, Grady Gerbracht drums. An ensemble comprised of various musicians that Blaise has done sessions/recordings/performances with over the past 25 years. About the members: - Blaise Siwula saxophones/clarinets Brooklyn, NY - Stan Nishimura is trombonist and political activist from New Haven CT. - MFA Weslayan Composition, Anthony DiGregorio is a jazz guitarist currently in Poughkeepsie. - Aron Namenwirth guitarist and artist currently in Brooklyn. - Eric Plaks piano and founder of the Shrine Big Band. - John Log

MIC~ART Productions Presents Take It OUT Tuesday Concert Series

MIC~ART Productions together with Medicine Show Theatre is very  pleased to announce that the George Brandon Blue Unity Ensemble will be performing at the upcoming Take It OUT Tuesday  Concert Series event on September 26th @ 8:30 and 10pm. 549 W. 52nd Street, 3rd Flr., NYC 10019 (212) 262-4216 The group consists of: Waldron Mahdi Ricks-Trumpet; Jorge Sylvester-Alto Saxophone; Terry Greene, III-Trombone; Donald Nicks-Bass; Ethan Kogan-Drums; and, George Brandon-Diverse Percussion Instruments. Please save and pass on this flyer and come out to support the legendary experimental Medicine Show Theatre, the Take It OUT!! Tuesday monthly concert series and this amazing group, George Brandon Blue Unity Ensemble.  One of the main things about this group and for that matter, all of the groups that Dr. Brandon leads is the compositions.  George Brandon is an interesting and intricate composer who draws from many sources. His writing is soulful, harmonically rich and rhythmi

TODAY IN AMERICA - ConceptualMotion Orchestra - The Baha'i Center

MUSIC, THE HEALING BALM... In two days, the country will be going in some other direction. Whether it will be up or down remains to be seen. So far it is not looking too good. Let's face it, the election was a horror, the likes of which we've never witnessed before in this country. And everything Trump does or has done, has been unprecedented and not in a good way. It is not news that President Elect Trump has historically unfavorable ratings going in. It is also not news that he earned those ratings. There is much trepidation by a vast majority of Americans, myself included, regarding the next four years.  So many elected officials, I believe it is over 60 that are boycotting the Inauguration and just about everyone in the entertainment world with any self respect or honor has turned down a request to perform. That is sending a clear message that we the people are disgusted with not only how he ran his campaign, but also how he has chosen his Cabinet--the first time in de
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